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Nov. 4th, 2010

Mr Bubble-head


Been neglecting this space so bad.... :p

Oh wells... Nothing much in life recently thats why. Policy report is finally done. Dissertation is too. So all that is left is job search which I have been doing on and off... Mostly just at the public service portal. Why? Cuz its easier... =x All the agencies are lumped together. XDD Perfect thing for me.

I get annoyed at agencies that make me go to their particular site and fill in the same form though... Super redundant and makes me feel like joining them more to propose change to the system!!

But then again. Maybe I am too presumptuous... or ambitious. Whatever you call it.


kthxbye. ((:

Sep. 27th, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

Love comes in many forms.

I am blogging less cuz I am super busy with dissertation. And I am also constantly tweetings!! 

But but but my dissertation is coming to an end and I really wanna thank


You are the greatest lah!! Where got people away from school still take the time to look through my 10,000 words research...!??! And I only gave him 1 freaking week...

I feel so loved. Hahaha...

Anyway I am so glad that it is coming to an end... SO glad that I started early. So glad for the numerous help I received. So glad for everything... And every time I begin to feel a lack of motivation, that maybe I should just hand in a crappy piece of paper cuz I have more than enough buffer for my second lower honors... I am glad I persevered and pulled through.

Else I might not be able to live with the guilt for the rest of my life.

Anyway, just saw a great quote from Tea & Cookies (link -->)

"The “no” we hear should never come from our own lips.

Everyone can do it. ((:

Sep. 8th, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

Bike riding.

One fine day I ride bike and at least 10 things went wrong. )): 

Mummy is overseas so I took her bike to ride. Actually she asked me to. I didn't even ask her!! (Although I totally had the intention to just use anyway! :p)


2) I didn't have _________________.

3) I didn't have _________________.

4) Full face helmet!! WTF~ Somemore her full face helmet is damn smelly lor!! Chao mummy never wash.

5) CROC SHOES........ k this one my fault. So freaking slippery. KNS

6) Mummy's boot is crappy!! Lock already still can open one.... Completely useless.

7) No petrol. I went to pump. BOO! Don't know pump which number... The bike got a 91 sticker so I presume 91 actually enough. But I went to shell they don't even have 92 so I pumped 95. Should be ok lah. Should I add that I have no idea how to pump petrol... :x Then that shell that I went to the people super not auto and efficient. I had to go and find someone to help me with it. ROAR!!

8) Since its raining right.... I bought a poncho. BIG FAT MISTAKE. When I left my tutee's house, I wore it. The stupid plastic fly fly fly I cannot see my mirrors at all... All I saw was flying plastic. Stopped somewhere to take it off. Rode in the rain.

9) So I thought maybe I should go to Song and Song at Clementi Central to buy a jacket since Im also going to the school's lib to study - might be cold. Went there. SONG & SONG NO MORE!!!!! WUT!?

10) At my tuttee's carpark, I tore a 65cents coupon. This coupon its supposed to last the whole day regardless of which HDB carpark I parked at... But when I went to Clementi Central it was ERP carpark!! I thought got 10mins grace so I hurry a bit. Even though I came out before 10mins........ I was charged 65cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HDB win! knn.....

11) When I finally reached school... NO MORE RAIN. NAISE!

What a crappy experience. )): Though I still like bike.

Sep. 2nd, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

Time for a change.

I think I'd be changing blog soon.. We'll see.

Aug. 30th, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

I will be a good person.

Ok so I was working on my dissertation the whole day in the living room. Ok so I went out for dinner. Ok so I indeed left my seat for 2 hours. Ok you have all the rights to sit there. Ok I am sorry I left my laptop there on and you had to move it away so you can sit the same seat where I was. Ok I was wrong to want to continue to do my work there. Ok I was wrong to then demand it back from you since I have no rights to.

I am sorry.

I am so lucky you agreed to settle it amicably. I am so lucky you suggested scissors paper stone. I am so lucky you gave me a chance to continue doing my work there.

Unfortunately I lost. Unfortunately I requested for you to move aside so I could move my stuff to my room and let you have the seat. Unfortunately you didn't hear (I presume). Unfortunately instead of moving aside you decided to kindly help me move. Unfortunately you pulled out the plug of my laptop with it still switched on. Unfortunately it was an accident (I really hope so!!).

Guess its my fault really. I should have totally predicted that you wanted to sit the same seat in our 132 sqm house when I left for dinner. I should have totally off my laptop and pack everything away to make it conducive for you to take that place. I should have totally not demanded that you move away since you were already there and even kindly moved my laptop to the back to make space for your laptop.


What have I become? How will I learn to live with your bf who is going to move in with us so suddenly this Thursday with this sort of attitude?! Argh! Should have totally prepared myself for it since you stayed in with him in PGP when I obviously know its forbidden and there is a high possibility that he'd be dismissed from the residence!!! Especially since I worked in OED!! Rawr!!!

Guess its not so sudden after all.......

)): Emo.. I must learn to predict further.

... and I must learn harder to be a more tolerable and good person.

Aug. 26th, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

A letter to you

Dear friend,

I suppose it would be presumptuous for me to think that you would still be my friend after the harsh words upon you...  But one can only wish the true sense of the word can withstand some truth knocking. Maybe when the entire incident is over, you might give some thoughts to this friend who'd always still be by your side.

In any case, lets not digress from the actual purpose of my letter to you.

In this world, everybody is in search of their own happiness. Unlike the definition of 'friend', 'happiness' is not quite ubiquitous. You know what you need and want in a relationship. Which would be different from mine or everyone else. Only when these needs are satisfied does one feel happily in love. Of course, in a relationship, there is also the other party. The other party is probably the only person able to fulfill your needs and wants. But he doesn't know what you need or want.

Whoever you'd decide your partner to be. You've got to open your heart to and then trust the person not to break it. And I don't mean telling half truths about it. There is nothing wrong with demanding what you want in a relationship, because only so can there be absolute trust. Whatever happens thereafter, it is up to two persons to work it out and let love conquer it all. Keeping secrets to yourself would only result in more misunderstandings and pains.

It is never the easiest thing to do. But only you can end your own suffering. You are a beautiful and smart lady. You'd know what to do.

I wish you happiness.

Sign off,
The Friend.

Aug. 17th, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

School has started.

Stressed man! Attended my first lecture yesterday. Gosh!! Feeling totally zonked out and not in sync with school. So foreign.. Even though for the 3 freaking months of holiday I was in school. But a totally different part. Haha!

Anyway the bf and I went to Universal Studios with Amy and PH!!! :DDD It was mad fun lah albeit shen jing bing hot!!!~ Took quite a bit of pictures. Too bad we didnt meet Shrek, Fiona or Puss in Boots. =(

Then the bf and I went to Phuket!!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

We did tonnes of rubbish in this order: the moment we landed we went drinking, then next morning went jet ski, swim in the sea, swim in the hotel pool, go massage, went for see the simon cabaret show (my god the lady boys are like super damn insanely pretty lah!!! now the bf is confused if he likes girls or ladyboys... whahahahha!!), the next day we rented a motorbike each and rode to the far south of Phuket for the awesomest view!!! we also rode to Phuket Town for great food!!! :DDD It all took one whole day because it was hard to read Thailand maps and road signs. LOL! At night we went to check out the a-go-go show. The strip club has girls smoking 3 cigarettes from her virginal!!! Another girl was shooting darts out onto a balloon I was holding!! Super crazy lah! The rest of the girls were just randomly dancing away naked. >_>;;

The last day we rode the rented bikes to try gun shooting! Mad scary.... =x Then quickly rode back in the rain to swim in the sea once more before ending our day with a little shopping cuz our flight was delayed...

What I wrote doesn't justify (at all) what we've experienced and probably never will... but it was indeed truly awesome. Thank you Mr Chen for the wondrous holiday. I am quite sure it wasn't Phuket that was awesome though, I am sure its you... <3

Anyway I am a little distraught now as I am writing this post because I just found out (like 10mins ago) that Amy and PH broke up while we were in Thailand and she is now attached to someone else. There is nothing wrong with that, except that it is often Amy who proclaims her love for him that I think she must be going through a damn tough period right now.. =( It kinna reminds me of the last time I broke up and every fucking person (in a particular organisation and some schoolmates) were judging their heads off.. 

I just hope maximum happiness for her man!! Nobody has the rights to judge a relationship unless they are in it....

Jun. 21st, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

I know this is kinna late

But Noel Chen bought me an iPhone!

Not that much of a surprise la.. cuz can suspect a bit by his constant asking: "you like black or white iPhone?"

-__-;; LOL

But suspect is one thing la.. Actually getting me the iPhone was completely another.

Somemore that idiot wrapped it really tight in like 5-8 layers of newspaper, encase in a big box of newspaper. Encase in a HUGE box of newspapers...........

If I can get the video from him, you'd be able to see how I tried (so very hard) to rip the newspapers away!

.... and I thought it was a brick, an eraser, an iPhone box (only)......... mwhahahaha~~

Feel so loved. (:

Material goods do not make up for the love we have but the willingness to spend so much on me o__O;; that Im touched. :'D

Thank you baby... *muacks*

May. 31st, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

The story of peeping Tom

Kinna tired at work today. and knn I got a C+ for one of my modules... =( Gonna appeal... ROAR!

Anyway I gave tuition yesterday and my tutee was damn lame! That idiot used "very Q" to describe noodles in his composition...... =_=;;

Speaking of lame stuff, I heard the story of the origins of Peeping Tom on radio today.

Why is it peeping Tom and not peeping Dick nor peeping Harry you may ask... Well, in the 1600s there was a Lady Godiva who took pity on the people her husband is taxing onerously on. So she pleaded him to reduce the taxes.

Her husband blatantly refuse but she keep pleading... and so one day, he grew wary of her entreaties and said this:

"I will reduce the taxes of the people, if you ride down the streets on a white stallion, naked."

Naturally Lady Godiva was like WTHWTFWTH!? But in order to be the nice lovely lady that she was before, she had no choice but to stick to his request. And so she sent a message down the town for all folks to stay in their house and shut all doors and windows during the time in which she would trot down naked.

Everybody obliged. Except a tailor - Tom who bored a hole in his binds so he can see Lady Godiva naked.


So from then on he was known as Peeping Tom.

The End. Thank You Very Much.

May. 9th, 2010

Mr Bubble-head

Happy Birthday to Me

Another year older... =( and still not understanding what is so joyous to celebrate about birthdays.

Oh well... not some of the nicest days today is...............

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